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What Is Chaliponga?

Known to science as Diplopterys cabrerana, chaliponga is a climbing shrubby plant endemic to the Amazon rainforest. Cloaked in vibrant green foliage, this lush shrub holds within its leaves the mystical secrets of an ancient tradition deeply ingrained within the spiritual and medicinal landscapes of the indigenous Amazon.

Chaliponga grows abundantly along the riverbanks of warm, moist tropical jungle regions of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, where it is used in the crafting of sacred ayahuasca brews. Although it is used as an ingredient in ayahuasca recipes throughout its native range, it’s the most common admixture of choice in Ecuadorian and Colombian brews.

Chali is also recognized under various regional monikers like chagropanga and, in certain parts of Ecuador, chacruna (meaning ‘mix’ in Quechua), although it should not be confused with Psychotria viridis, which is more commonly known by the latter name.

Interestingly, chaliponga belongs to the botanical family Malpighiaceae, the same one that the ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) hails from. When brewed together, their chemical and spiritual synergy can catalyze profound and deeply transformative entheogenic journeys.

Chaliponga vs Chacruna

In their essence, chaliponga and chacruna are quite similar. Throughout their native range, they are often used interchangeably depending on which one is more available; they are even both referred to as chacruna in certain parts of the Amazon.

Where to Buy Chaliponga Legally?

Here at Maya Ethnobotanicals, we offer a range of traditional medicinal plants which have been used by indigenous peoples for a variety of purposes since ancient times.

Our products are organically grown, sustainably harvested, and sourced through fair trade, and we sell them with the intention to promote ethnobotanical enthusiasm throughout the world.

We do not advocate for the use of any of our products in illegal ways, nor do we ship any of our botanical samples to countries where they are illegal. We strongly advise our customers to inform themselves thoroughly about their local regulations before placing an order.

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