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Frequently asked Questions

Our business was established in 2000 when ethnobotanicals were just being made available to the public. With so many years’ experience, we are accepted worldwide as a reliable source for the rarest plants that nature has to offer.

We accept payments by Bitcoin, Bank transfers in Euros, Dollars and Pounds Sterling, Credit cards, and Cash (Euros only) by post. Payment options are outlined during checkout.

Customers from the E.U. will be charged local taxes during checkout.

Please visit our Terms & Conditions section to learn the use, disclaimers, and limitations of liability governing the use of our website. To order from our website, you must agree to these terms.

We are based in the Netherlands, Europe, and have been shipping our products worldwide since 2000.

Yes, we ship worldwide. However, as most of our products are natural and plant based, some plants may be restricted in your country. We do our best to keep up to date on which countries restrict which plants. If we know it’s restricted, we will prevent you from ordering it. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that all items in your order are permitted in your country.

Yes, all our products are legal to possess and trade in the Netherlands. We make no assumption or assertion that any product or information on this website is appropriate or legal outside the Netherlands. Anyone choosing to access this website is wholly responsible for ensuring our products and information are legal within their own country. Use this website at your own risk.

No, you can neither order nor pay for restricted items. If an item is restricted in the country of your billing or shipping address, we won’t process the order.

Yes. If you can add it to your order, it’s in stock. When you submit and confirm your order, we immediately prepack and reserve the items in the order, which lets us ship immediately upon receiving payment. When a product is temporarily out of stock, you can request to be notified when it is available again.

We sell our plant materials in their natural state, packed in high quality re-closable Ziplock bags, PET or glass packaging. Some of our products have colorful logos or labeling, but most are plainly labeled with their scientific name and product number.

No. None of our products are sold or intended for the purpose of human consumption or cosmetic use (except for the products in the category food). Our products are botanical specimens of ethnographic value and interest and are delivered with no expressed or implied application or purpose. According to the EU’s 1997 novel foods regulation, any food and food ingredient that was not part of the European diet before 1997 must undergo food safety and nutrition testing by a national authority before they can be sold. The lack of evidence of significant history of consumption of many ethnobotanicals means they cannot be legally sold as food. Read our Disclaimer for further information.

Your package will contain the products you ordered and, in most cases, a selection of free incenses or samples. We do NOT include any information on the application or purpose of the products. We do not include your invoice*, nor any reference to this website. Your package will be discreet, professionally packed and plainly labelled.

*Shipping companies may require an invoice for some destinations e.g., U.K (since Brexit), USA, and Japan.

We guarantee that our products are fresh, genuine, and properly identified, and conform to common standards. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the product as pertains to any particular use or purpose. We cannot replace products or be held responsible for their effectiveness or lack thereof. Read our Disclaimer and our Terms & Conditions for further information.

As we prepack all confirmed orders, we are able to ship immediately upon receiving payment. Delivery times can be estimated with our Shipping Calculator. We are very fast with processing orders. You can avoid delays by responding promptly to our emails.

Shipping fees are automatically calculated during checkout. You can also preview shipping costs with our Shipping Calculator. Please note that packing material always adds a little weight to your package.

All packages are shipped with GLS courier (EU, some exceptions) and POSTNL Certified Mail (non-EU), which means the package is trackable, requires signature, and will be returned to us if undeliverable. So, your orders are shipped quickly and securely. After we ship your order, we email you tracking details. It can take up to 48 hours before tracking data becomes visible.

Customs or plant inspection authorities may examine your package and delay the delivery. Your postman may attempt to deliver the package but fail to leave a delivery note. Be sure to read our shipping email for tracking data and further instructions.

We very rarely encounter loss of our packages. When undeliverable, it will always be returned to us. It can take up to 6 weeks from shipping before a package is returned.

When in transit for extended periods of time, herbs can dry out and lose their value. We do not restock returned products. Because of this, we cannot guarantee to fully refund returned orders. Refunds are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We do not refund shipping costs.

We are not responsible for packages or products returned, seized or destroyed due to unforeseen customs regulations. As the products we sell are natural and largely plant based, some may be restricted in your country. It is your final responsibility to ensure that all items in your order are allowed in your country.

We do not ship packages to freight forwarder services. We don’t ship to PO boxes, or “Poste Restante”. It has caused too much delivery problems in the past. Because of the registered (sign-for) service we use, we can only ship to a physical address.

Yes, you can enter a delivery address during checkout. When shipping to another person we require the email address of the receiver, so that we can send our shipping email with instructions to the receiver.

Upon entering the website, the connection is SSL secured. When ordering with us, your personal info is completely safe. All personal information you supply is transmitted via 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Your personal info is contained behind secured networks to keep the information confidential. Our Privacy Policy has more details.

The products that we sell are packed in high quality bottles, pots or bags, and made of synthetic materials such as PE, PET and PVC. We realize that these materials are not friendly to the environment when produced or disposed of, yet they serve as a best medium to safely preserve and professionally pack our exclusive products for storage and shipping. While we prefer to use paper bags or glass bottles, it has proven to be safer to use plastic for products that are being shipped worldwide.
We can guarantee that the packaging we use will last a very long time and so we hope you will re-use or recycle them. When required, you can remove the labels by soaking the unit in warm water, and then removing the remains of the glue of the label with rubbing alcohol.

We welcome your questions, comments, and concerns. Please send us any and all feedback through our Contact page. Make sure to read our Terms & Conditions before doing so.


We can guarantee that the packaging we use will last a very long time and so we hope you will re-use or recycle them. When required, you can remove the labels by soaking the unit in warm water, and then removing the remains of the glue of the label with rubbing alcohol.