Chilcuague Massage Oil – Balsamo de Oro, Grandma’s Recipe – From Mexico, 60ml


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Chilcuague Massage Oil – Balsamo de Oro – Grandma’s Recipe – 60ml
Chilcuague Massage Oil – Balsamo de Oro, Grandma’s Recipe – From Mexico, 60ml  42,25

Introducing Balsamo de Oro or Golden Balm , Chilcuague massage oil accordcing to grandma’s recipe.

Hailing from the Mexican mountains, we bring you the potent healing power of the Root of Gold! Now available in a concentrated formula, this medicinal elixir offers anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antimicrobial benefits, promoting overall oral health in a non-genotoxic manner.

Employed by indigenous healers for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antifungal properties, the Chilcuague root stands as an indispensable addition to first-aid kits across the diverse cultures of Central and South American native communities.

This Balsamo de Oro (Chilcuague balm) embodies a traditional recipe cherished by affectionately referred to as “abuelitas” (grandmothers) for soothing inflammations, alleviating general muscular and joint discomfort or pain. Its versatile applications extend to relieving symptoms associated with headaches, sciatic nerve pain, minor skin abrasions, and muscle tension.

This biphasic product implies that its effects may manifest in two distinct stages as concentration intensifies.

The product is conveniently stored in spray bottles, each containing 60mL. Detailed usage instructions can be found on the label.

Warnings and Important Notes:

Store this product in a cool, dry place.
Keep it shielded from direct light exposure.
Ensure it remains out of reach of both children and pets.
Discontinue use immediately if any signs of allergies, skin rashes, or adverse reactions occur.

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