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Menthol Crystals (Mentha Piperita) – From Indonesia

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Menthol Crystals (Mentha Piperita) - From Indonesia
Menthol Crystals (Mentha Piperita) - From Indonesia  12,00 119,75 Incl. VAT

Introducing our Menthol Crystals, sourced directly from Indonesia.

Thes menthol crystals come from Indonesia where the Mentha Piperita plant thrives in its natural habitat. These crystals are carefully extracted from the leaves of the plant, ensuring the highest quality and purity.

Renowned for its refreshing and cooling properties, menthol has been used for centuries in various applications. Our Menthol Crystals are perfect for incorporating into your DIY projects, such as homemade balms, creams, and lotions. The invigorating scent and soothing sensation provided by menthol can offer relief to tired muscles and joints, making it an excellent addition to massage oils and bath products.

Not only are our Menthol Crystals versatile, but they are also highly concentrated, ensuring a little goes a long way. With their potent aroma and cooling effect, these crystals are a must-have for those looking to create their own natural remedies and personal care products.

Indonesia is known for its rich biodiversity and commitment to sustainable practices. By choosing our Menthol Crystals, you can be confident that you are supporting ethical sourcing and environmentally friendly production methods.

Experience the pure and authentic Menthol Crystals from Indonesia, and unlock the countless possibilities they offer in your DIY creations. Add a touch of invigorating freshness to your life with our Menthol Crystals today!

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