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Palo Santo Resin (Bursera Graveolens) – Incense Resin from Peru

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Palo Santo Resin (Bursera Graveolens) - Sustainably Harvested Incense Resin from Peru
Palo Santo Resin (Bursera Graveolens) - Incense Resin from Peru  6,75 162,50 Incl. VAT

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More about Palo Santo incense resin

Palo Santo resin, also known as Palo Santo wood sap or natural tree sap, is a prized substance that exudes from the heartwood of the Palo Santo tree (Bursera graveolens). This aromatic resin is treasured for its sweet, woody fragrance and is commonly burned as incense, similar to other tree resins such as frankincense and myrrh.

Formation and Properties

Palo Santo resin forms naturally within the heartwood of the Palo Santo tree as a protective mechanism against environmental stressors such as insects, disease, and physical damage. When the tree is injured or cut, it releases this resinous sap to seal the wound and prevent further harm. Over time, the resin hardens and crystallizes, forming aromatic deposits within the wood.

Harvesting and Processing

To collect Palo Santo resin, mature Palo Santo trees are carefully selected, and the heartwood is harvested using sustainable and ethical practices. Only fallen or naturally deceased trees are typically used to ensure minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem. The resin-rich heartwood is then carefully processed to extract the resin, which may involve cutting, chipping, or grinding the wood to release the aromatic sap.

Aromatic Properties

Palo Santo resin possesses a rich and complex aroma characterized by its sweet, woody scent with subtle hints of citrus, mint, and spices. When burned as incense, Palo Santo resin releases its fragrant smoke, filling the air with its uplifting and purifying aroma. The smoke is believed to carry spiritual and energetic properties, making it ideal for use in ceremonial rituals, meditation, and spiritual practices.

Therapeutic Benefits

In addition to its aromatic properties, Palo Santo resin is also valued for its therapeutic benefits. The smoke produced by burning Palo Santo resin is believed to have purifying, cleansing, and healing properties, making it a popular choice for spiritual purification and energetic clearing. It is often used to cleanse and purify the energy of a space, promote relaxation, and enhance meditation and mindfulness practices.


Palo Santo resin can be burned as incense in various forms, including resin chunks, chips, or powder. It can be placed directly on a charcoal disc or used in a resin burner or censer to release its fragrant smoke. Palo Santo resin can also be combined with other aromatic herbs, resins, or botanicals to create custom incense blends tailored to specific intentions or rituals.

Spiritual and Cultural Significance

In indigenous cultures of South America, Palo Santo resin holds deep spiritual and cultural significance. It is revered as a sacred and holy substance, used in shamanic rituals, ceremonies, and healing practices to invoke blessings, purify the spirit, and connect with the divine. Palo Santo resin is believed to facilitate spiritual growth, enhance intuition, and promote a sense of inner peace and harmony.

Sustainability and Conservation

As with other natural resources, the sustainable harvesting and conservation of Palo Santo trees and resin are of utmost importance to ensure the long-term viability of this sacred and revered species. Ethical and responsible harvesting practices, reforestation efforts, and community-based management initiatives are essential to protect Palo Santo forests and preserve their biodiversity for future generations.

In conclusion, Palo Santo resin is a precious and sacred substance valued for its aromatic properties, therapeutic benefits, and spiritual significance. From its sweet, woody fragrance to its purifying and healing qualities, Palo Santo resin continues to captivate and inspire people around the world, offering a source of comfort, connection, and spiritual upliftment. As we honor the ancient traditions and wisdom associated with Palo Santo, let us also embrace its transformative power and strive to protect and preserve this precious gift from Mother Earth for generations to come.

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