Shamanic Snuff – Golden

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Shamanic Snuff – Golden
Shamanic Snuff – Golden  10,00 18,00

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Shamanic Snuff – Golden

Sacred Connection Golden presents a radiant golden Rapé infused with Caneleiro ashes and invigorating herbs. This Shamanic Snuff features a blend enriched with the essence of eucalyptus and native minty herbs like pixuri (Licaria puchury-major), renowned for their ability to uplift the senses and open the respiratory system. These herbs not only provide physical refreshment but also aid in clearing negative thoughts, reflecting the indigenous belief that mental states are intricately linked to physical well-being. In indigenous medicine, the concept of ‘panema’, the state of dis-ease, is believed to originate in the mind, emphasizing the importance of clearing negativity for a healthy and fulfilling life.

While eucalyptus is not native to the region, some indigenous snuff makers incorporate it for its refreshing qualities. Commonly found in Brazil and prized for its wood production, eucalyptus adds a refreshing touch to the blend, balancing the strong scent of Nicotiana Rustica tobacco when used in the right proportion.

Pixuri, also known as Apuxuri, is a revered herb utilized extensively in various Shamanic Snuff Rapé blends by tribes of the region. In Sacred Connection Golden, its leaves are employed to enhance the blend’s potency. Pixuri is closely related to Nissural and Katsural, with slight variations in usage and properties according to different traditions. Rich in safrole, Pixuri acts as a stimulant and tonic, known for its efficacy in treating stomach problems. In the Brazilian Umbanda religion, Pixuri is esteemed for its purported magical qualities and is often incorporated into mystical potions and offerings, particularly those aimed at attracting love and positivity.”

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