Shamanic Snuff – Mint Rapé

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Mint Rapé Shamanic Snuff
Shamanic Snuff - Mint Rapé  10,00 18,00

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Presenting Shamanic Snuff – Mint Rapé

Sacred Connection Mint Rapé offers a refreshing journey for both the soul and the senses. Like a gentle breeze, it uplifts your spirit and expands your vision, while also providing respiratory benefits and relief from headaches – a natural alternative to conventional remedies. Our blend begins with the finest tobaccos, Sabia, and a hint of Moi, complemented by original Tsunu ashes responsibly sourced from Amazonian tribes. To enhance its invigorating quality, we add a precise amount of food-grade mint extract, striking the perfect balance for a delightful and revitalizing experience.

While Mint Rapé Snuff may not be a traditional recipe among indigenous tribes, its popularity has grown, with many producers incorporating mint as a valued ingredient. At Sacred Connection, we utilize food-grade mint extract for its robust flavor and stability, ensuring consistency in every batch. Our commitment to standardized recipes guarantees a reliable product that you can trust, offering a consistently exceptional experience with each use. However, due to the artisanal nature of our product, achieving absolute uniformity is challenging.

Sacred Connection has fostered close relationships with indigenous tribes in the Brazilian Amazon state of Acre for over a decade. By showcasing their sacred Rapé Snuff to the world, we empower these communities and promote their cultural heritage. Alongside our curated selection of indigenous snuffs, we offer our own line of Shamanic Snuffs produced to the highest quality standards under the guidance of our forest partners.

Rapé, like any tobacco product, should be used with respect and caution due to its potential for habit formation.

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