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Shamanic Tobacco Free Parica  18,00

“More about Shamanic Snuff – Paricá Tobacco Free:

Sacred Connection’s Shamanic Snuff – Paricá Tobacco Free blend is a potent and robust concoction designed for those seeking powerful spiritual experiences. Paricá ashes are the key ingredient in this rapé, imbuing it with strength, vigor, grounding qualities, and physical energy. Traditionally, Caboclo-Paricá rapés were reserved for experienced healers (Pajés) during spiritual rituals and healing ceremonies due to their potent effects. Today, Paricá rapé is also favored by individuals for daily meditation and spiritual transcendence.

Paricá Tree:

The Paricá tree (Schizolobium amazonicum) is native to various regions in South America, including Colombia, Peru, southern Venezuela, and the northwest Brazilian Amazon. During the dry seasons, the Paricá tree blooms, adorning its crown with vibrant yellow flowers and filling the air with a delightful fragrance. Apart from its ornamental value, the Paricá tree offers medicinal benefits. Its fruit can be used in treatments for reproductive and respiratory issues, while the gum from its bark is utilized in syrups, infusions, and medicinal preparations for conditions such as coughing, rheumatism, and sexual diseases.


Awiry is a plant often incorporated into rapé blends by the Apurinã tribe. This wild tobacco imparts a rich, green undertone to the snuff. Harvested during the dry seasons from riverbanks, Awiry is naturally dried, ground into a fine powder, and sieved to preserve its vibrant green color. Shamanic snuffs containing Awiry are used in spiritual rituals, ceremonies, and healing rites by the Apurinã and others, as it is believed to offer medicinal healing, energetic enhancement, and grounding properties. It is used to strengthen the spirit, cleanse the mind, improve focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and alleviate certain respiratory issues and headaches.

Sacred Connection’s Approach:

In Sacred Connection’s tobacco-free line, Awiry is included in the standard blend recipe, proportionally similar to tobacco in other lines. The careful selection and combination of medicinal components ensure that each blend offers potent effects while maintaining respect for indigenous traditions and the natural environment.

Respect and Care:

It’s essential to approach the consumption of rapé with deep respect and care, recognizing its sacred significance and potential for spiritual and physical transformation.”

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