Ceremonial Raw Cacao – Single Origin – Produced by the Arhuaca Tribe from Colombia

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Ceremonial Raw Cacao - Single Origin - Produced by the Arhuaca Tribe, from Colombia
Ceremonial Raw Cacao - Single Origin - Produced by the Arhuaca Tribe from Colombia  42,35 Incl. VAT

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More about Origen Cacao

This ceremonial cacao is 100% pure organic raw cacao. From the bean to the Ceremonial Cacao we deliver. This cacao has been blessed with the pure intentions and spirit of the Tribu Arhuaco, the Arhuaco Tribe. Pure Cacao has been used in ceremony for many generations. It is known as a powerful heart opener. It opens the physical heart promoting the flow of blood throughout your body. Cacao also opens the heart chakra helping to facilitate a deep emotional connection to your inner being and to those around you. Connecting your intimate relationships, and your own personal connection to your emotions
The cacao medicine can help bring a deep sense of self love and transformation through your heart chakra.

Please note, this cacao is in a granulated form, not a block or a typical cocoa powder, and will melt during the warmer months. Origen Cacao has been making organic bean to bar chocolate in Colombia since 2015. We believe that cacao is a sacred medicine, and so much more than just chocolate. We believe in helping the tribes and small farmers here in Colombia. Origen Cacao pays more than the market rate for this cacao. We hope to inspire you with the exotic flavors this cacao has.

Preparing Ceremonial Raw Cacao

For a ceremonial drink, please add 1 oz of cacao to 4 ounces of water and cook until well blended. We suggest a small amount of honey. Use it during ceremony, meditation or your yoga practice to connect to your heart. You can also use this cacao for hot drinking chocolate, smoothies, or making your own sugar free or keto friendly chocolate.

The Arhuaca tribe fair trade

Ceremonial Cacao from Origen Cacao is sourced directly from the Arhuaca tribe of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia. This cacao is grown organically on ancestral land, the way it has been done for centuries. It is grown alongside other medicinal plants, and infused with the Arhuaca tribal. The Arhuaca believe that they can share the knowledge and teachings of their ancestors through their crops, that you, while drinking this cacao, can tap into their history and their “pensamientos”.

Cacao with pure intentions. After the cacao pods are hand harvested, the beans are then fermented according to their tradition. This fermentation starts a transformational process in the beans that helps to develop the rich and complex chocolatey flavor. When the fermentation is complete the beans are sun dried. The cacao is then sent to our factory and farm near Medellin where it is hand sorted, and prepared for you. Please note, this is 100% pure cacao and contains no sugar. It may be bitter.

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