Caboclo Parica Extra Rapé – Jesse de Paula


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Parica Xtra Rapé Strong Rapé
Caboclo Parica Extra Rapé - Jesse de Paula  20,00

Diving Deeper into Caboclo Parica Xtra Rapé

For those seeking an extra punch, Caboclo Parica Xtra Rapé offers a potent blend that is not for the faint of heart. This shamanic snuff is crafted to ensure a powerful experience, best suited for those accustomed to robust blends and prepared to handle its intensity with care.

Unlike our regular Parica blend, this Xtra variety packs an even stronger punch, courtesy of a distinct Arapiraca tobacco variety known for its exceptional potency. Infused with ashes derived from the bark of the locally revered Parica tree, this Rapé boasts a darker hue and a higher tobacco content, delivering a deeply immersive journey into the realms of the psyche.

With its earthy undertones and robust character, Caboclo Parica Xtra Rapé penetrates deeply into the energetic core, particularly targeting the solar plexus chakra to instill a sense of inner strength and resilience. Renowned for its cleansing properties, this formidable medicine works tirelessly to purge the depths of the soul, scrubbing away layers of energetic debris to unveil a purified essence within.

Our partner

Crafted by one of the most seasoned and esteemed non-indigenous Rapé artisans in the region, Caboclo Parica Xtra Rapé bears testament to a lifetime of immersion in the lush embrace of the Amazon rainforest. Born and raised amidst the verdant canopy, this artisan’s journey began in the heart of nature, where he honed his craft while tapping rubber as a youth.

His intimate connection with the forest, its diverse flora, and its medicinal treasures imbues his creations with a profound sense of authenticity and reverence for the natural world.

Caboclo Rapé

A Tapestry of Cultural Fusion Embedded within the term “Caboclo” lies a rich tapestry of historical and cultural syncretism, reflective of the complex interplay of Indigenous, European, and African influences that have shaped the diverse peoples of the Amazon.

This fusion of traditions and knowledge manifests in the unique Rapé blends curated by artisans across the region, each bearing the imprint of their cultural heritage. As custodians of this sacred tradition, Caboclo Rapé makers draw upon their ancestral wisdom to craft blends that embody the essence of their collective lineage, offering seekers a glimpse into the multifaceted tapestry of Amazonian culture.

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