Caboclo Eucalipto Rapé


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Caboclo Eucalipto Rapé Alfavaca
Caboclo Eucalipto Rapé  20,00

Further Insights on Caboclo Eucalyptus Rapé

Caboclo Eucalipto Rapé originates from a renowned Rapé artisan. Crafted with potent Sabia tobacco, tsunu ashes, and two additional herbs, this Eucalipto Rapé is characterized by a hint of eucalyptus, lending it a refreshing quality.

It also incorporates a local herb known as alfavaca da mata or native alfavaca, prized for its fever-reducing, headache-alleviating, and immune-boosting properties. Locals utilize it in herbal baths for dispelling negative energies and for energetic cleansing. Alfavaca da Mata is also known as Tipi, emphasizing its indigenous roots.

This Shamanic Hapé Snuff targets the higher chakras, boasting a slightly darker hue compared to Yawanawa Rapés, with the herbs contributing higher tones to enhance its effects. While a tobacco-heavy snuff tends to offer an earthier flavor and sensation, the inclusion of herbs elevates Caboclo Eucalipto Rapé.

Caboclo Culture

The Caboclo culture stems from the amalgamation of immigrant workers with the indigenous population, sharing significant knowledge. These workers primarily originated from Northeast Brazil during the rubber boom era, belonging to the lower working class, a fusion of European laborers, African slaves, and local indigenous people.

They brought with them a distinct popular culture evident in music, literature, artworks, and religious practices, which flourishes in Northeast Brazil. Their religious expression blends elements of native culture, Christianity, and indigenous animistic beliefs. From this cultural backdrop emerged the Ayahuasca cults in Acre, Amazon, blending cultural inheritance with forest medicines.

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