Kuntanawa Força Rapé


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Kuntanawa Força Rapé Snuff
Kuntanawa Força Rapé  20,00

Explore the Potency of Kuntanawa Força Rapé: A Shamanic Elixir Infused with Apuxuri

Kuntanawa Força Rapé stands as a testament to the rich tradition of the Kuntanawa tribe, offering a unique and potent blend of tobacco and Tsunu ashes, enhanced with the uplifting freshness of Apuxuri herb. This Shamanic Snuff embodies the essence of indigenous wisdom and healing, delivering a profound and invigorating experience to those who partake in its medicine.

Apuxuri, also known as Pixuri or Puxuri, is a local herb utilized by the Kuntanawa people to infuse their rapé with a refreshing aroma and energetic cleansing properties. While its English name, Brazilian nutmeg, refers to the seeds, the leaves are typically used in rapé production. Botanically known as Licaria puchury, Apuxuri adds a unique dimension to the blend, contributing to its distinct flavor profile and therapeutic benefits.

Like many indigenous herbs, the names and variations of Pixuri or Apuxuri may vary across different tribes and regions, influenced by factors such as dialect, tradition, and environmental conditions. Despite these differences, the essence of these plants remains consistent—a dedication to spiritual cleansing and energetic revitalization.

Kuntanawa Força Rapé offers a harmonious balance of tobacco, Tsunu ashes, and Apuxuri, resulting in a deep and uplifting medicine that evokes a sense of strength and vitality. Whether seeking physical, mental, or spiritual renewal, this potent blend is sure to inspire a smile and ignite the inner force within each individual who experiences its power.

With its refreshing flavor and energetic cleansing properties, Kuntanawa Força Rapé serves as a reminder of the sacred connection between humanity and the natural world, inviting all who partake to embrace the transformative journey of indigenous healing.

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