Puyanawa Pixuri Rapéh


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Puyanawa Pixuri Rapéh
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More about Puyanawa Pixuri Rapé:

Crafted with care by the Puyanawa people, Pixuri Rapé is a blend of Licaria puchury leaves and Murici ashes, offering a unique and delightful flavor to the sacred medicine. Pixuri, a traditional herb of the Puyanawa tribe, is frequently used in their Rapé preparations, imparting a distinct aroma and taste to the blend.

Pixuri is revered for its medicinal properties and is commonly employed by the Puyanawa for combating headaches and spiritual cleansing in herbal baths. In addition to its culinary use for its flavorful seeds, Pixuri leaves exude a refreshing minty scent, contributing to the therapeutic effects of the Rapé.

Known by various names such as Pixuri, Puxuri, or Apuxuri, Licaria puchury is also referred to as Brazilian Nutmeg due to the taste of its seeds. The leaves possess antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties, beneficial for maintaining respiratory health when used in Rapé. Moreover, Pixuri is believed to enhance libido and promote a sense of happiness when ingested in sufficient quantities.

The Puyanawa tribe, residing in the municipality of Mancio Lima near the Peruvian border, has endured the trials of history, particularly during the rubber boom era. However, they are steadfast in their commitment to revitalizing their traditions and medicinal practices while embracing coexistence with modernity. Renowned locally for their exquisite handicrafts, the Puyanawa are gaining recognition internationally for their sacred Rapé snuffs, which serve as a testament to their cultural heritage and spiritual connection.

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