Shawadawa Spiritual Rapéh – By Shawã Kaya


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Shawãdawa Spiritual Sacred Snuff
Shawadawa Spiritual Rapéh - By Shawã Kaya  20,00

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More about Shawãdawa Spiritual Sacred Snuff

The Shawãdawa Spiritual Sacred Snuff is highly regarded among users for its profound spiritual qualities and potent effects. Crafted by Shawãkaya, a skilled artisan from the Shawãdawa tribe, this rapé contains a special herb known as Kapayuba, which holds significant importance in Shawãdawa ceremonies for opening visions.

Shawãkaya’s Reflections

Shawãkaya, the maker of Shawãdawa rapé, offers insights into the traditions and cultural significance of rapé among the Shawãdawa people:

The Shawãdawa tribe resides in the upper Jurua river region across four indigenous demarcated lands. Their primary objectives include protecting their ancestral lands, preserving their rich cultural heritage, and passing down the teachings of their ancestors. The Shawãdawa people belong to the Pano linguistic root, sharing ancestry with tribes such as the Yawanawa, Puyanawa, Kaxinawa, Jaminawa, and others.

Rapé, known as Rupusuty in the Shawãdawa language, holds great importance for the tribe. It serves as a tool for studying medicinal plants, strengthening the spirit, and healing physical ailments. Engaging in traditional plant diets is essential for warriors in the forest, with the duration of the diet corresponding to the strength of the medicine.

The Shawãdawa Spiritual Sacred Snuff is meticulously prepared under the influence of the full moon using Sunu ashes and Kapayuba, a herb deeply integrated into Shawãdawa spiritual practices. Kapayuba rapé not only serves medicinal purposes but also facilitates spiritual exploration. It is used in conjunction with Ayahuasca ceremonies to enhance connection with healing songs, expand visionary experiences, and intensify spiritual healing sessions.

For optimal results in spiritual endeavors, Shawãdawa practitioners may adhere to dietary guidelines, avoiding salt and sugar to enhance mental clarity and perception, enabling a deeper understanding of the teachings imparted by the medicine.

In essence, the Shawãdawa Spiritual Sacred Snuff embodies centuries-old traditions, offering users a profound journey of spiritual exploration, healing, and connection with ancestral wisdom.”

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