Caboclo Yuxibu Rapé


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Yuxibu Rapé
Caboclo Yuxibu Rapé  20,00

Delving Deeper into Caboclo Yuxibu Rapé

Caboclo Yuxibu Rapé represents a sacred fusion of local herbs meticulously chosen by its creator, whose precise ingredients remain undisclosed. This potent medicine harnesses the power of robust tobacco and Parica ashes, crafted with the intention of facilitating communication with ancestral spirits and invoking the mystical energies of the forest.

With each inhalation of this Rapé, one beckons the spirits of the forest to emerge and engage in a dance of transcendence. Ush Ush Ush… Ra Ra Ra… Siri Siri Siri… May the Sacred Yuxibu grace us with its presence and partake in the rhythmic symphony of existence!

Yuxibu: Spirits of the Forest

The term “Yuxibu” finds its roots in the indigenous lexicon, particularly among the Huni Kuin people, signifying the myriad spirits that inhabit the forest realms. Among these mystical entities, the Boa Constructor holds a place of prominence, revered as the Great Spirit and the progenitor of creation, whose primordial utterance reverberates through the cosmos.

The ceremonial chant “Siri Siri Siri” echoes the sacred essence of the Boa constrictor, symbolizing the Huni Kuin’s reverence for this divine entity. Legend has it that the Boa Constructor bestowed upon the Kaxinawa and Huni Kuin the sacred knowledge of brewing Nixi Pae, their indigenous term for Ayahuasca.

This sacred brew serves as a conduit to the tribal medicines, facilitating communion with the spiritual realm and ancestral wisdom. Caboclo Yuxibu Rapé serves as a conduit to these ancient forces, bridging the earthly realm with the ethereal domain of the sacred boa constrictor and the forest spirits.

The Maker

A True Caboclo At the helm of crafting Caboclo Yuxibu Rapé stands a true embodiment of caboclo heritage, hailing from a lineage that intertwines the traditions of migrant rubber tappers and indigenous tribes.

His ancestry mirrors the essence of the Acre state in Brazil, a melting pot of cultural diversity and ancestral wisdom. Drawing from his connections to the Nukini tribe, the maker derives his profound knowledge of medicinal plants and traditional healing practices.

Rooted in the verdant landscapes of the Serra do Divisor, a national park nestled along the Brazilian-Peruvian border, his upbringing is steeped in the rhythms of nature and the wisdom of the wilderness. This pristine sanctuary, adorned with cascading waterfalls and teeming with wildlife, serves as the fertile grounds from which he cultivates his sacred craft.

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