Yawanawa Força Feminina Rapé – By Nawashahu Yawanawa


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Força Feminina
Yawanawa Força Feminina Rapé - By Nawashahu Yawanawa  20,00

Yawanawa Rapé – Força Feminina: Honoring the Feminine Spirit

Força Feminina, or Feminine Force, is a Rapé crafted by Nawashahu, one of the daughters of Biraci Nixiwaka, the esteemed chief of the Yawanawa tribe. Historically, the Yawanawa’s spiritual practices were predominantly male-centric until Chief Biraci’s wife, Putani Yawanawa, and her sisters embarked on a groundbreaking journey of spiritual exploration and initiation. Nawashahu, following in her parents’ footsteps, continues this sacred legacy, channeling her ancestral wisdom and crafting this exquisite Rapé.

Nawashahu’s Spiritual Journey

Nawashahu is deeply immersed in her tribe’s spiritual traditions, receiving profound medicine songs and spiritual guidance during her ceremonial work. Her repertoire includes mesmerizing songs sung in both Portuguese and the Yawanawa’s native language, reflecting the depth of her spiritual connection and her role as a cultural ambassador. Despite her global travels for ceremonies, Nawashahu remains grounded in her village, Aldeia Sagrada (Sacred Village), the epicenter of Yawanawa spirituality and ancestral reverence.

Força Feminina – The Essence of Feminine Power

Força Feminina encapsulates the essence of feminine strength and spirituality, symbolizing the empowerment of indigenous women in reclaiming their rightful place in traditional medicine work. Nawashahu’s Rapé recipe adheres to the foundational Yawanawa tradition, blending robust tobacco with authentic Tsunu ashes, resulting in a potent and revered sacred snuff. Its potency and sacredness make it a cherished favorite among both men and women who seek spiritual connection and empowerment.

Cultural Respect and Recognition

The decision to name this Rapé Força Feminina was a deliberate homage to its origin and a testament to the profound respect and recognition of the indigenous women’s contributions to Yawanawa spirituality. By honoring the feminine force within their culture, Nawashahu and her sisters exemplify a powerful resurgence of indigenous wisdom and tradition.


Força Feminina stands as a beacon of the Yawanawa tribe’s cultural revitalization and the empowerment of indigenous women in reclaiming their spiritual heritage. With each inhalation of this sacred Rapé, one not only connects with the profound wisdom and spirituality of the Yawanawa but also honors the enduring strength and resilience of the feminine spirit within indigenous communities. Haux Haux.

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