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Giant Sea Bean (Entada Rheedi) – Dry Extract, 50:1 from Thailand

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Snuff Box or Sea Bean

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Giant Sea Bean (Entada Rheedi) - Dry Extract, 50:1 from Thailand
Giant Sea Bean (Entada Rheedi) - Dry Extract, 50:1 from Thailand  21,50 271,95 Incl. VAT

Introducing Giant Sea Bean (Entada Rheedii) Dry Extract 50:1 from Thailand!

Our Snuff Box extract is derived from the seeds of the Entada Rheedi plant, also known as the Giant Sea Bean. This plant is native to Southeast Asia and has been traditionally used for its various health benefits.

Snuff Box, scientifically known as Entada rheedi, is a species of large climbing vine native to coastal regions of Asia and Africa. Here’s an overview of Snuff Box, specifically its dry extract, and its potential uses:

Botanical Information

Snuff Box, also commonly referred to as the Giant Sea Bean, belongs to the Fabaceae family. It is characterized by its large, leathery pods that resemble wooden snuff boxes, hence its common name.

The vine produces long, twisted pods that can reach lengths of up to one meter. Each pod contains several seeds, which are large, flat, and rounded, with a smooth, shiny surface.

Snuff Box vines are found in tropical and subtropical coastal regions, where they grow along beaches, estuaries, and mangrove forests. They are well-adapted to saline environments and thrive in sandy soils.

Dry Extract

The dry extract of Snuff Box,  is derived from the seeds of the plant.

The extraction process typically involves grinding the seeds into a fine powder and then subjecting them to solvent extraction or other methods to concentrate the bioactive compounds.

The resulting dry extract is highly concentrated, with a potency that is typically indicated by a ratio, such as 50:1, indicating the amount of raw material used to produce the extract.

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Snuff Box or Sea Bean

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