Katukina Blond


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Katukina Blond  20,00

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Explore the Fresh Essence of Katukina Blond Rapé: A Refreshing Journey to Start Your Day

Katukina Blond Rapé embodies the vibrant spirit of the Katukina tribe, offering a refreshing and revitalizing experience for the senses. Crafted with care by our friends from the Katukina tribe, this sacred snuff is a harmonious blend of the finest tobaccos, each contributing to its unique character and potency.

At the heart of Katukina Blond Rapé lies the local tobacco known as ‘moi’, reminiscent of the renowned Peruvian Mapacho Masso but with a distinct Brazilian flair. Grown organically by the forest dwellers, this Nicotiana Rustica exudes a rich and flavorful essence, infusing the blend with its earthy notes and subtle sweetness.

Complementing the moi tobacco is the potent natural corda, or ‘string’ tobacco, sourced from the historic city of Arapiraca in the Northeast. Rolled into ropes and steeped in tradition, this tobacco adds depth and intensity to the blend, elevating its shamanic potency.

To enhance its invigorating properties, a touch of eucalyptus is introduced, infusing the rapé with a refreshing aroma that clears the mind and uplifts the spirit. While not native to Brazil, eucalyptus has become a beloved addition to rapé tradition, offering a gentle yet revitalizing touch to the blend.

Katukina Blond Rapé is a medium-strength medicine that hails from the tribal lands of Capinas, nestled near the city of Cruzeiro do Sul in the Jurua valley. Surrounded by pristine forests and indigenous communities, this region teems with natural wonders and healing energies, embodying the sacred essence of the Amazon.

Experience the breeze of rejuvenation with Katukina Blond Rapé, an invitation to awaken your senses and embark on a refreshing journey to start your day with clarity and vitality.

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