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Caboclo Parica Rapé
Caboclo Parica Rapé - By Jesse de Paula  20,00

Exploring Caboclo Paricá Rapé Snuff

Our Caboclo Paricá Rapé blend is not for the faint-hearted; it offers a potent journey into the depths of healing. As Rapé blends have progressively grown stronger, this blend stands out as one of the pioneers in this powerful variety. Energetic yet grounding, it possesses the capacity to lead one on a profound inner journey. Crafted with robust Rustica tobacco and ashes derived from the bark of the locally known Paricá tree, this blend distinguishes itself from Yopo snuff, which is occasionally referred to as parica. These ashes are also recognized as Xinshá. While this blend contains a slightly higher tobacco content than most, it remains balanced, leveraging the strength of naturally robust tobacco. Try Parica Rapé, its worth it.

Our Caboclo Parica Rapé Producer

Crafted by one of the region’s finest and earliest non-indigenous Rapé artisans, this Parica Rapé blend bears testament to his deep connection with the forest. Growing up immersed in the wilderness, he began his journey as a rubber tapper at a young age. This entailed pre-dawn treks into the forest, tapping latex trees, and processing the collected milk into natural rubber. His exposure to civilization came much later, with his first encounters with shoes and cities occurring in his teenage years, and literacy attained at the age of 21.

A true aficionado of the forest, its flora, and medicinal properties, he has dedicated his life to studying and understanding them. His expertise extends to serving as a government-appointed specialist in plant identification and terrain navigation within the forest.

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The Significance of Caboclo In the cultural fabric of Brazil, particularly among the dwellers of the Amazon Forest, the term Caboclo carries profound connotations of cultural amalgamation. Those labeled as caboclos often boast a heritage that intertwines European, Indigenous, and African ancestry, embodying a fusion of diverse customs and traditions in their communities.

Shamanic Snuffs produced by caboclos reflect this rich tapestry of cultural influences, epitomizing the blending of ancestral lineages and historical narratives. Such rapés are revered for their potency, often featuring rustic tobacco leaves and drawing from local traditions that date back to the practices of Pajés (shaman healers). These sacred snuffs have been documented in historical records, depicting their use in spiritual rituals, healing ceremonies, and meditative journeys.

A Versatile Tree of Many Names Known by various names such as the Brazilian Fire Tree, Tower Tree, and Xinxá, the Paricá tree (Schizolobium amazonicum) is a botanical marvel native to Central and South Americas. Thriving in hot, tropical climates, this majestic tree boasts a robust trunk and can reach heights of up to 25 meters within a relatively short period.

Renowned for its vibrant yellow flowers, the Paricá tree yields abundant seeds and offers therapeutic benefits. Its fruit has been traditionally used to address respiratory and reproductive ailments, while the gum extracted from its bark serves medicinal purposes, finding applications in infusions, syrups, and paints. This versatile extract is prized for its ability to alleviate coughs, contusions, and rheumatic symptoms.

Meet the Master Rapé Maker: Jesse Nunes de Paula A Journey of Discovery Jesse Nunes de Paula, a Rapé maker hailing from the heart of the Amazon Forest, embarks on a journey of self-discovery and experimentation with medicinal plants. From his early experiences with shamanic snuffs to the inception of his unique creations, Jesse’s path leads him to a profound understanding of the healing properties inherent in nature.

In an interview with Sacred Connection, Jesse recounts the genesis of his Caboclo Paricá Rapé—a revelation born out of experimentation and spiritual insight. Inspired by the Paricá tree’s connection to Mother Earth, Jesse crafts a Parica Rapé that channels the tree’s potent energy, enveloping users in a transformative experience.

By sharing his Rapés with the world, especially his Parica Rapé, Jesse not only sustains his community economically but also fosters a deeper connection with their natural surroundings. The revenue generated from these sales supports the community’s efforts in sustainable resource management and reforestation initiatives, embodying a harmonious relationship between culture, tradition, and the environment.

Embark on a luminous journey with Jesse as he invites you to explore the transformative power of his Caboclo Paricá Rapé—a testament to the ancient wisdom and healing potential of the Amazonian rainforest.

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