Puyanawa Jagube Rapéh


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Puyanawa Jagube Rapéh  20,00

More about Puyanawa Jagube Rapé:

Jagube, another name for the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, holds a significant place in Indigenous traditions as the main ingredient of Ayahuasca, the revered brew for spiritual communion. Known as the “vine of the soul,” Jagube facilitates communication with the spiritual realm and ancestors. The Puyanawa tribe crafts their Rapé using the vine’s ashes, a tradition initiated by their chief.

Jagube or Ayahuasca Vine

The strength and grounding properties of the Jagube vine are integral to the Ayahuasca brew, providing stamina and connecting the visions induced by the leaves to the earth. In the Puyanawa Jagube Rapé, the vine’s ashes embody these mystical qualities, fostering a profound connection with the spiritual realm.

Ingredients of Puyanawa Jagube Rapé:

The Rapé gains its flavor from a hint of pixuri leaf, a favorite herb of the Puyanawa known for its cleansing and elevating properties. Pixuri seeds, also used in culinary practices, are referred to as Brazilian nutmeg. The leaves are utilized in herbal baths for energetic cleansing and other magical purposes.

To ensure potency, the Puyanawa incorporate strong Sabia tobacco into the blend, enriching the medicine with its trusted qualities.

Experience the sacred essence of Puyanawa Jagube Rapé, crafted with reverence and tradition to facilitate spiritual connection and elevation.

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