Katukina Nissural


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Katukina Nissural  20,00

“Discover the Healing Essence of Katukina Nisural Rapé: A Minty Blend to Clear the Mind

Katukina Nisural Rapé is a sacred medicine crafted with precision by the Katukina tribe, blending local organic moi and potent corda tobaccos with the refreshing essence of Nisural herb. Prepared with Tsunu ashes, this rapé offers a unique fusion of traditional ingredients aimed at promoting mental clarity and spiritual healing.

Nisural, also known as Katsural, belongs to the same botanical family as Apuxury and Pixuri, imparting a minty aroma and soothing properties to the blend. Revered for its ability to alleviate headaches and dispel negative energies, Nisural plays a vital role in the spiritual practices of the Katukina shamans.

According to the makers, Katukina Nisural Rapé serves as a powerful medicine for healing, particularly in times of mental perturbation and negative thoughts. By incorporating Nisural into the blend, the rapé aims to cleanse the mind and alleviate spiritual burdens, allowing individuals to find inner peace and clarity.

The Katukina people, known for their resilience and dedication to preserving their cultural heritage, inhabit regions near the Gregorio river and the city of Cruzeiro do Sul. Despite facing challenges such as alcohol and drug-related issues, the Katukina remain steadfast in safeguarding their language and traditions, with elders passing down their knowledge of medicinal plants and spiritual practices to future generations.

Whether prepared by the shamans residing deep in the tribal lands or those in closer proximity to urban centers, Katukina Nisural Rapé embodies the wisdom and healing prowess of the Katukina tribe. Dive into the minty freshness of Nisural and embark on a journey of mental clarity and spiritual renewal with this sacred blend.”

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