Shawadawa Putuvi Rapé – By Shawã Kaya


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Shawadawa Putuvi Rapé - By Shawã Kaya  20,00

More about Shawãdawa Putuvi Rapé

The Shawãdawa Putuvi Rapé is a sacred blend enriched with the medicinal herb Putuvi, carefully integrated into the Shawãdawa tradition to offer daily support for various ailments and to enhance focus and energy. The Shawã, or red Macaw, symbolizes the Arara people, and Putuvi holds a special place in their culture as a rapé suited for everyday use without the need for special preparation or dietary restrictions.

Shawãdawa Rapé Snuff Maker’s Insights

The maker of Shawãdawa Rapé Snuff provides further insights into the medicinal properties and cultural significance of Putuvi and rapé within Shawãdawa traditions:

The Shawãdawa community, situated along the upper Jurua river across four indigenous demarcated lands, prioritizes the protection of their ancestral lands and the preservation of their cultural heritage. Their sacred medicines, including rapé, serve as vehicles for healing and the transmission of ancestral wisdom.

Belonging to the Pano linguistic root, alongside tribes such as the Yawanawa, Poyanawa, Kaxinawa, Jaminawa, Deadawa, and Kuntanawa, the Shawãdawa people hold the macaw, or Shawã, as a symbol of their identity and connection to the forest.

Rupusuty, or rapé, plays a vital role in Shawãdawa life, serving as a conduit for spiritual strength and physical healing. The knowledge of medicinal plants and their powers is integral to being a warrior in the forest, acquired through traditional plant diets that vary in duration based on the strength of the medicine.

Putuvi, incorporated into rapé blends, serves as a remedy for headaches, flu, insomnia, mental disturbance, and fatigue, offering support for the well-being of the Shawãdawa community. Unlike some rapé varieties that necessitate special diets, Putuvi rapé can be used daily without such requirements.

In summary, the Shawãdawa Putuvi Rapé embodies the rich tapestry of Shawãdawa culture, providing users with a potent blend rooted in tradition and imbued with the healing power of indigenous knowledge and plant medicine.”

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