Rose of Jericho (Selaginella Lepidophylla) – Rose of Sharon, Dried Plant, Medium Size

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Rose of Jericho (Selaginella Lepidophylla) - Rose of Sharon, Dried Plant, Medium Size  5,25 Incl. VAT

What is Rose of Jericho?

Also called “Ressurection plant”, and known by the scientific community as Anastatica herochuntica, this rose doesn’t quite look like the usual flowers we see in gardens and bouquets.

It is a small plant, gray in color, with curled branches that form a botanic sphere that only opens up when moistened. When in contact with water, it can blossom into a green plant that can grow up to 30cm wide, carrying delicate, small, white flowers.

What are the possible benefits of this product?

In folk medicine, it has been used during the late stages of pregnancy, especially as delivery approaches, to aid in the process of childbirth. Healers from different heritages have used this plant in the treatment of respiratory infections, stomach aches, and certain skin conditions.

It is also a source of potent, spiritual energy that can be used in manifestations of new beginnings and awakenings, closely related to the idea of resurrection and rebirth of its name.

It has been a culturally significant symbol for practitioners and believers of religions such as Espiritismo, Brujeria, Santeria, and Yoruba, among others, who appreciate Rose of Jericho most especially for its healing and spiritual powers.

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